cover of Coordinators Notebook #30 cover of Africa's Future, Africa's Challenge cover of Supporting Indigenous Children's Development
journal editor

The Coordinators’ Notebook:
An International Resource on Early Childhood

Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development

"Leslie is knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with."   Louise Zimanyi, CG Director

book editor

Africa’s Future, Africa’s Challenge:
Early Childhood Care and Development in
Sub-Saharan Africa

Marito Garcia, Alan Pence, and Judith L. Evans
World Bank, 2008

“Leslie takes text that it is difficult to understand and turns it into clear, readable prose. It is a joy working with her.”   Judith Evans

substantive editor

Supporting Indigenous Children’s Development:
Community-University Partnerships

Jessica Ball and Alan Pence
UBC Press, 2006

“Leslie was able to envision our book’s ‘big picture’ while paying close attention to its details.”   Jessica Ball

developmental editor

Collaborative and Strengths-Based Practice:
A Facilitator’s Guide

BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, 2006

“Leslie worked with me from start to finish to translate my ideas into a practical and useful guide.”   Cathy Richardson, author

thesis/dissertation editor

"Leslie's patience, skill, and great sense of humour brought it all together for me."
Sandrina de Finney

project editor

"I have worked with Leslie on many projects
over a number of years. I know I can count on her professionalism, experience, and commitment."

Alan Pence, Director, Early Childhood Development Virtual University (ECDVU), University of Victoria